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Zara Adopted 11/02/08

Sex:  Female
Age:  5 Years Old
Color:  Sable
66 lbs.



History:  Unknown
Location:  Austin
Adoption Status:  Available


Housebroken:  Yes
Good w/Dogs: 
Good w/Cats:  Unknown

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Watch Zara's story!

September 1, 2008

Things could not be going better for this girl. All of the inmates and staff of the Paws in Prison program love her calm and affectionate nature. Zara is a gorgeous 5 year old sable German Shepherd with lots of love to give. Zara has come a long way since she entered the Paws in Prison Program 2 months ago. The program has forever changed the live of this beautiful girl. She has regained her beautiful appearance, is crate trained, is obedience trained, and has learned great house manners.

Zara is an owner focused girl who has learned all of her obedience commands, and like all ladies, loves to have her hair brushed and her nails done, but her favorite thing in the world is a nice, long belly rub. The Director of the program said: "Zara is doing so well. She is barking and wooooing hello at me when I go into the pod and then of course she rolls over on her back and wants her belly rub, pawing at my feet if I stop."

Zara adores spending quality time with her person. She really loves people and meeting new people. All of the staff and inmates just love her calm and affectionate nature. Zara demands a little more respect from other dogs. She does not like other dogs in her "comfort zone", and if they do not respect her space, she will make sure that they understand that she wants them to keep their distance. Although she has learned to be more tolerant of other dogs in the program, with her tendency to be dominant and overbearing with dogs in her personal space, she would do best in a home where she is the only dog.

Zara really seems to cherish the one-on-one companionship with her family. She will be a calm, close, affectionate, and loyal companion to the lucky person looking for just those traits in their companion dog. Zara will thrive in a home that has plenty of time for her, since she appears to get anxious when left alone for too long.

When Zara is not training with her inmates, she is dreaming of her forever home. She just wants to be with her family and is happiest when her family is nearby and she can watch over them. Zara needs a home that that can provide her with a consistent routine and that will always be there for her. Could you be the perfect family that Zara has been dreaming of ?




June 30 Update

Texas dog sentenced to 60 days in prison!
A 5 year old female German Shepherd Dog rescued just hours before she was scheduled for execution by lethal injection has been sentenced to 60 days of hard training. Zara was delivered to a Texas Women’s Correctional facility to begin her sentence on June 25, 2008.

Zara is very fortunate to be participating in the Paws in Prison (Cell Dog) Program. Zara will be matched with two offenders who will share the responsibilities of caring for and training her in basic obedience. (House Training, Sit, Stay, Down, Off, Loose Leash, Recall, etc.) They will attend lessons twice a week with a professional dog trainer. The inmates will practice with Zara every day, teaching her all the things they are learning from the trainers. After successfully completing her 60 days of hard training at the Paws in Prison program, Zara will be able to meet her AKC Canine Good Citizenship requirements and will be available for adoption by an AGSDR approved adopter.

For more information on the Paws In Prison program, go to

 NOTE:  In our experience many German Shepherd Dogs are very good with kids.  In our bios, we may provide information on our experience with a particular dog and children.  However AGSDR discourages ALL unsupervised animal/child interaction.  Children should be supervised at all times when they interact with ANY animal, whether it is a horse, dog, cat, bunny, lizard, or any other species.  Even loving household pets can have a grumpy day, or otherwise get tired of a child's attention, so proper supervision is essential for the well being of any child and any pet.

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  Updated 11/2/08