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Available Dogs: Luca

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Rescued german shepherd Luca


Sex: Male
Breed: GSD
Estimated Age: 8 Years
Color: Black
Estimated Weight: 90 lbs.
History: Unknown
Housebroken: Yes
Location: Manor, Texas

Adoption Status:
Adopted 4/13
Estimate of Health Status:
Animal Interaction Observations
All interaction between animals should
be supervised at all times
Child Interaction Observations
All interaction between animals and
children should be supervised at all times

Luca Luca Luca Luca Luca Luca

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2/11/13 Update

New pictures have been added to Luca’s bio to show off the big difference that has been made with his exterior appearance – what was once drab and dull is now thick, shiny and healthy. Luca has really grown into his own and his personality is beginning to fill his large frame. Please do not be discouraged or turned off by the approximate age of this wonderful boy – he can keep up with the best. He’s been on a 10 mile hike at Lady Bird Lake, then gotten up and done another 5 miles the next day with no hesitation or slowness. He really has a very adaptable energy level –he exhibits classic “porch dog” companionship, balanced with an energetic curiosity. He enjoys water (sometimes going in and plopping right down to cool off while out on a hike) and is very trustworthy off leash. Luca has recently discovered his voice and loves to talk to you in groans and whistles (soft whines). He will try and play with toys when the resident GSD is playing, but doesn’t fetch and loses interest quickly on his own. He much prefers to follow his human and stay close by. He now lives with two horses and seems to show no fear toward them. Luca absolutely loves car rides and behaves very well in public. He is friendly and calm at restaurants and dog friendly stores and spaces. He seems to have regressed a little with his socialization and is working on being less mouthy when greeting other dogs. Luca is a fantastic companion – up for anything as long as he is with you! This gorgeous boy deserves a family that will appreciate his sweet disposition and will give him all the love he missed out on during the majority of his life. Please ask to meet him if you think your home is a good match for this loyal companion.

7/9/12 Update

Luca continues to thrive, his black and silver coat is thick and glossy once more and he really enjoys his training days at the Canine Centre. He has learned to like his crate and really enjoys the Obedience work. His trainers confirm that he is smart and willing to learn and he is a great favourite with them. His gentle nature and great temperament make him eager to please his humans, and he also gets on well with the other dogs there. We are learning his little habits, he likes having his eyes wiped with a tissue each morning (!) and the fact that he snores gently at night, worn out after a day chasing squirrels in the garden. He is a superb dog who is now ready to find that special forever home.


"Luca" is a stunning dog, big in stature and in personality. He attracts a lot of attention because of his striking good looks. He has finished his heartworm treatment, gained a few much-needed pounds and his coat will soon be full and glossy once more. He is a real sweetheart, has shown no aggression to other dogs and even gets on with our resident grumpy female GSD, and our elderly male deerhound. He is not food aggressive and not particularly interested in toys. He loves to ride in the car, chase squirrels, go for walks and is very good on the leash. We are working on other basic commands and he will be starting an obedience course in the next week. He is trusted in the home and has proved to be sweet, affectionate and quite sensitive. He can become very attached to his human but this should ease when he is secure in his new home. A stay-at-home owner with perhaps one other dog would be ideal for this big, gentle boy.

NOTE: In our experience many German Shepherd Dogs are very good with kids. In our bios, we may provide information on our experience with a particular dog and children. However AGSDR discourages ALL unsupervised animal/child interaction. Children should be supervised at all times when they interact with ANY animal, whether it is a horse, dog, cat, bunny, lizard, or any other species. Even loving household pets can have a grumpy day, or otherwise get tired of a child's attention, so proper supervision is essential for the well being of any child and any pet.

The entire biography of this dog is based solely upon our volunteers' experiences with the dog. The dog's age and weight are estimates, and statements about the health, temperament, training, and ability to get along with other animals, children, cats and other dogs, are estimated solely based on our volunteer's experiences with this dog. Your experiences with this dog may be quite different than those of our volunteers.

Last Update : 04/05/2013
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