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Memorials and Gifts

Painting of German Shepherd on a hill

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Memorials and Gifts

Magnificent Magnum

Magnum in the bluebonnets “Magnum” was a rescue dog from the AGSDR and was about six years old when we took him in as a ‘Foster Dog’. He immediately looked at me and decided that he had found his ‘permanent home’. It took me a little longer to realize that he was right. And so, my then wife Katherine Cristiani and I adopted him. At 120 lbs. and with fangs an inch and a quarter long his first impression upon strangers was sometimes daunting. However, he was a real ‘Teddy Bear’ and one of the gentlest souls imaginable. Always photogenic, Magnum was “Mister January” on one AGSDR Calendar, and appeared with his lifelong companion and friend “Lainey” in two others. He was the mascot on the AGSDR’s T shirt and featured in their “Pajama Ad”. Magnum enjoyed the attentions and pettings he always generated at the Christmas and Valentine’s Day Gift Wrappings and was extremely popular with both the public and the staff of the stores which sponsored them. He also loved to participate in every ‘Meet and Greet’ he could attend. After four years, he survived Katherine’s death and adopted my new fiancée, Earlene Loflin, becoming her “Big Baby” for the last five years. With the death, three months ago, of his companion, “Lainey” and at 15 years old, the strength and brightness of his spirit ‘inside’ could no longer maintain itself against the deteriorations of his body ‘outside’. Old Age finally caught up with him. Both Earlene and I were with “Magnum”, providing hands on love and comfort to him as the vet put “Our Wonderful Boy” to sleep. We can only wish that “Magnum” is now happily rejoined with “Lainey” and Katherine. To say that he will be missed is a vast understatement. “Magnum” has left an awful void in both of our lives.

Franklyn G. Prieskop and Earlene Loflin

In Loving Memory of Lainey vom Haus Merkel

Lainey, a long haired black and tan german shepherd in a field of blue bonnets

She was born on June 3, 2007 a pure breed long hair German Shepherd. She came into our lives as a 3 month old puppy. This 120 lbs. "baby" was our constant companion and loving friend for over 10 years. She was also the first dog I had ever had. Originally purchased as a companion for my then wife, Katherine Cristiani, she survived her mistress' death. Lainey then bonded with my fiancée Earlene Loflin for the past 5 years.. During her time with us she participated in numerous fund raising events for the AGSDR and was the dominant dog in our household. She was instrumental in training the nine AGSDR foster dogs, which we were fortunate enough to aid in placing in their permanent homes through the AGSDR. She was also the constant companion and mentor to Magnum our surviving 120 lbs. male German Shepherd.

Lainey died on September 14, 2017 from a tumor in her spleen, which had burst. Both Earlene and I were with her, providing hands on love and comfort to her as the vet put her to sleep. We can only wish that Lainey is now happily rejoined with Katherine.

Franklyn G. Prieskop and Earlene Loflin

To say that she will be missed is a vast understatement she leaves an awful void in our lives.



In Loving Memory of a Big Red Dog

Watson in field of pink wildflowersWatson

No, he wasn't a German Shepherd....he was an American Bloodhound.

Watson was not a German Shepherd, but was in a household that bragged of being the adoptive home of two of our wonderful dogs....Snickers and Murphy. His Mom is a tireless supporter of our cause, and contributes her time to our rescue by sending out wonderful, handwritten Thank You notes for us.

Watson Earl was a Big Red Dog....who loved every person he ever met. He was a social butterfly who thought the world was his stage, and he loved everything about his life! From riding in the truck with his big floppy ears flapping in the wind, to going on his daily walks and visiting all of his friends (dog and human) in the neighborhood, to going to Doggy Day Care to play....Watson loved just being Watson. Laying in the sun and chewing on a big stick also rated in the top 10!

He was gentle and understanding with his little brat brother Murphy, a German Shepherd pup who was rescued and needed LOTS of patience and direction from the Elder Statesman Watson. He was an early wake-up call with his loud, booming Bloodhound "baying" letting everyone know that he was out for an early morning walk. He was a great snuggle buddy for his Mom. He was a source of laughter with the funny, crazy things that he did.

He was much loved by many...... He was...........a Big Red Dog.

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