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Re-homing Your German Shepherd

Fostering Your Dog Until it is Adopted

If you are able to foster the dog you wish to notify us of or wish to surrender, you may e-mail photos, a bio and proof of current vaccinations, spay/neuter and the results of a recent heartworm test to our Adoption Coordinator. Only dogs with all the requested information submitted will be posted online. You will also need to supply whatever contact information you would like for us to post online. If you are not able to foster, please surrender the dog to the nearest animal control facility.

We will provide a courtesy listing for dogs which you are able to foster… this means you are responsible for evaluating the prospective home and placement of the dog. AGSDR is simply helping you to reach interested adopters and makes no claims as to the health or personality of the dogs we courtesy list as we have under most circumstances never met these dogs.

Before You Decided to Re-home your German Shepherd Read the Following

I Need to Find a Home For My German Shepherd because...

MOST owners that are wanting to surrender their German Shepherd are just giving up on the dog. Having no value or respect for the wonderful loving and loyal dog each and every one of them are capable of becoming. They are giving up on a wonderful opportunity to build a trusting, loyal relationship with their German Shepherd,

You brought this dog in to your life, and at that time, you had every intention of keeping it the rest of it's life. Well... that dog had every intention of spending the rest of it's life with you too. Why do you think your dog is so devoted and gives you unconditional love every single day. A dog will ALWAYS give you more than you give it. That's just how dogs are and why those of us who don't give up love our dogs so much. We get back ten times what we give them.

In so many cases, the only problem the dog has is LACK of leadership... someone to make the effort and take the time to change the situation. Some GSD's are of ill-bred temperament.. But you combine not so great temperament with lack of time, fair, consist leadership, and the dog soon learns to behave in a way that is unacceptable and becomes uncontrollable.

The dog's behavior is the responsibility of the HUMAN. All dogs look for leadership in their humans. You can't expect dogs to behave unless YOU yourself have LEARNED how to TEACH them what is acceptable.

Educate yourself and train your dog to know what your expectations are. The dog will learn quickly... GSD are a VERY intelligent breed... even your misbehaving dog. Why do you think they KNOW they can get away with so much... because they are smart!.

And honestly, most of the training is for YOU! GSD are the loyalist of loyal dogs and are respectful of those who have earned it. So think about it... don't you think YOUR dog is worth the effort?

We do.

Other resources

Don't Give Up on That DogDon't Give Up on That Dog! Raising a German Shepherd Dog, by Denine Phillips

Available from Amazon

This book has some excellent lessons for first time GSD owners, and for everyone, actually, whether they've owned German Shepherds for awhile or not. This is a delightful book with some extremely valuable lessons. It should be required reading for any first-time GSD owner.



Can we help you keep your pet?

We do realize that sometimes life throws us a curve, and we have no choice but to find our beloved German Shepherd a new home. And when that happens, you can count on us to help in anyway we can. But please realize, like every other rescue across the U.S., it is the lack of foster homes that may keep us from being able to take your dog in immediately.

You may view the contract you will be required to sign should we accept your German Shepherd in to our program.

Please proceed to the Owner Surrender Guidelines and surrender form.


Last Update : 03/06/2016
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