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About Austin German Shepherd Rescue

German Shepherds Are Known for Helping People... Now It's Our Turn to Help Them

Austin German Shepherd Dog Rescue was inspired by the relationship between one abandoned German Shepherd Dog puppy named Helmut, affectionately known as "Mutt". Mutt was rescued on a country road where he and his litter mates had been abandoned. Only he was alive. Mutt became the Companion in Chief of his rescuer, and stayed by her side for the rest of his life. The organization known as Austin German Shepherd Dog Rescue was conceived in 1998, inspired by the strong bond between the founder and her Mutt.

When AGSDR incorporated as a non-profit in 2001, it adopted the Mission Statement reflecting it's spirit. "To rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home German Shepherd Dogs from across the State of Texas" is a broad statement, and the members like it that way. The broad mission statement allows the organization to help some dogs that would otherwise not be considered, as well as helping highly adoptable dogs. AGSDR has always stressed quality of match between dog and adopter over quantity of placements, striving to find homes where the human-animal bond will be nurtured and grow strong. Some months AGSDR places many dogs, some months only a few. There is no quota, no demand for quick turnover, just the dedicated search for the right home for each dog accepted into the organization. Occasionally an AGSDR dog doesn't get adopted, so it lives out its days in the home of a member.

Saving German Shepherd Dogs who would otherwise be euthanized at shelters requires a strong foster team and adequate funding. As with most rescue organizations, foster homes and funding are the rate limiting steps in the rescue process. Over the past five years, an average of $500-$800/dog is expended per dog. The money is used to get the dog out of the shelter, provide veterinary care, heartworm treatment, grooming, training, and other needs. All in an effort to get the dog "adoption ready", which facilitates fitting in with their new family and becoming a cherished companion. Adoption fees, which are nominal in comparison to the average expenditure per dog, results in the constant need for members to raise funds in addition to taking care of the dogs and making matches with applicants.

Members are diligent and hold an annual Christmas Gift Wrap event, participate in Macy's Shop for a Cause, Dogtoberfest, they hold monthly Meet and Greets, an annual Calendar Dog competition, and they design and sell T-shirts. As well, AmazonSmile purchases made at benefit the organization, along with proceeds received from purchases made fromPetRescue RX, Last, but certainly not least, AGSDR has been the recipient of donations in various amounts, and for a variety of reasons. Memorial donations, honorary donations, and friendship and support donations are made by generous individuals. AGSDR welcomes all such donations at the "Support Us" button on the webpage, and pledges to use all donations carefully, responsibly, and in the best interest of the dogs.


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