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About Austin German Shepherd Rescue

German Shepherds Are Known for Helping People... Now It's Our Turn to Help Them

Our Mission

To rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home German Shepherd Dogs from across the State of Texas. To educate the public about the versatility and ability of the German Shepherd Dog from Family Pet to Working Dog.

How We Work

AGSDR is a group of volunteers with a shared mission -- to care for and protect and find the best homes possible for the dogs in our care.   AGSDR has always stressed quality of the homes over quantity of placements. AGSDR has never been interested in becoming a high-volume adoption service. Instead, the volunteers take their time, carefully screen applicants, and search for the very best homes for their dogs. AGSDR does not place guard dogs, yard dogs, or allow dogs to be given as holiday gifts. AGSDR focuses on finding homes where the human-animal bond will be nurtured and grow strong.

Our History and Growth

In the mid-1990's a woman adopted a German Shepherd Dog puppy. The puppy's litter mates were dead or dying, and the puppy was trying valiantly to stay alive by eating gravel and dirt from the rural drive it called "home". The puppy grew strong in her care, and became a loyal and cherished family member. The puppy taught the woman about the incredible strength of the human-animal bond.

Started in 1999 and incorporated as a Texas non-profit Corporation several years later, Austin German Shepherd Dog Rescue is a tribute to that puppy. The organization has grown and developed and acquired federal 501(c)3 status, yet ten years later it remains true to its roots.

AGSDR is now run by a small network of extraordinary volunteers. The volunteers and the organization are dedicated to acting in the best interest of the GSD's in the program.

AGSDR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax exempt organization.

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