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Austin German Shepherd Rescue News and Events

Upcoming Events

Macy's Shop for a Cause

August 26, 27, 28
La Cantera in San Antonio
Passes are $5.

You can purchase a shopping pass now and use it at any Macy's!

  1. Macy’s allows AGSDR to keep the $5 proceeds for each shopping pass sold.
  2. Shopping passes can be used at any Macy’s in the United States (this is a national event)
  3. Shopping passes offer additional discounts and savings on many already discounted items.
  4. Each person who purchases a shopping pass can register to win a $500 Macy’s gift card.

Puppy Mill Awareness Day
Sunday September 25, 10am-2pm

See the Puppy Mill Awareness Day website for more information.


Photo Contest: 2017 Austin German Shepherd Dog Rescue Calendar 2017

Austin German Shepherd Dog Rescue Calendar Theme: “GERMAN SHEPHERDS: FROM WAGS TO RICHES”

Deadline to Submit Photos: August 31, 2016
Email Photos to: (also use this email for questions)
Image Specs: All images submitted must be digital – no hard copies will be accepted. Minimum 300 dpi JPEGs and TIFs, with a minimum file size of 1.5MB (1500KB). Larger files preferred, with no limit to size (in fact, the bigger, the better). Because ours is a horizontal calendar, horizontal orientation is preferred, although vertical shots can sometimes work. ONLY horizontal photos will be considered for the cover.


The Contest:

Photo Tips:

Select Austin German Shepherd Rescue on Amazon Smiles

Shopping online this holiday season? If you use Amazon, you can painlessly donate to Austin German Shepherd Rescue at the same time. To shop at AmazonSmile simply go to from the web browser on your computer or mobile device. You may also want to add a bookmark to to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile. The first time you shop you will need to search for Austin German Shepherd Rescue and select it as the charity to benefit from your Amazon purchases.

We Need Fosters!

"SOMEBODY needs to HELP that dog"! Somebody? That SOMEBODY is YOU!!

Imagine a world without strays or homeless dogs. We could accomplish that almost OVERNIGHT if every family would foster JUST ONE DOG. Just ONE DOG. Be just ONE dog's SOMEBODY....You won't regret it.

If you are interested in becoming a foster please apply here to become a foster. The bullet points below are provided to assist you in making your decision to foster.

Top Ten Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog

  1. Love and Loyalty!
    Chances are good that by adopting an older dog, you have rescued a wonderful, loving canine from an untimely, unfortunate and unwarranted death. An older dog can sense that he
    or she was saved and will be eternally loyal to his or her new “forever” family.
  2. Ease Of Transition
    Older dogs are mellow, relaxed and ready for a new home. They are past the puppy chewing and destruction stage and usually come with basic training.
  3.  No Huge Lifestyle Change
    You don't need to worry about puppy proofing your house and constant training. And older dogs let you get a good night's sleep!
  4. Stress Relief
    Studies have shown that animal companions can decrease blood pressure levels and reduce stress. Older dogs enjoy leisurely walks, which will encourage you to exercise for even a few minutes on your busiest days.
  5.  No Surprises
    Unlike puppies, older dogs are full grown and their personalities are completely developed. When you meet with your dog, you will know what kind of wonderful, loving canine he or she is and will always be.
  6. Doggie Wisdom
    Older canines have learned many of life's lessons. They know, for example, that shoes are for walking and bones are for chewing.
  7. Calmness
    Most senior dogs do not demand the time and attention that a younger dog does and are satisfied with casual walks and cuddling.
  8. Old Dog, New Tricks
    Older dogs can focus well because they've mellowed.
  9. Companionship For All
    Senior dogs make wonderful companions for everyone, especially senior people and busy professionals.
  10. Save A Life
    Senior dogs are often the first to be euthanized in area shelters. Passed over for cute and cuddly puppies, they often have little chance to be adopted.

Adapted from the Senior Dogs Project site.  To learn more about the pleasures of older dog adoption, please visit the Senior Dogs Project.

Last Update : 08/26/2016
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